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Meet Lucy Humphries Photography

Lucy has been the designated family photographer for years, her passion truly ignited about five years ago when her husband gifted her a ‘real’ camera. Officially launching her business four years ago, Lucy transitioned to full-time photography just over a year ago, immersing herself in the joy of capturing special moments, from newborns to weddings.

What Lucy loves most about photography in the Camden Haven area is the abundance of fantastic locations. From beachside family sessions to lush greenery, the variety of landscapes caters to her artistic vision and delights her clients. Some of Lucy’s favourite locations to shoot are Pilot Beach and Grants Head for family sessions, cherishing the personal touch these spots add to each frame.

When it comes to coffee, Lucy faces a delightful dilemma with an array of favourites like Caramels, Bonny Hills Garden Cafe, and Moo and Bean in the Camden Haven region. For those wanting to connect or book a session, you can find all her details in the contact box.

With bookings available from February onwards for family, personal branding, maternity/newborn, and business shoots, securing a spot to capture your cherished moments is just a message away.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lucyhumphriesphotography
Website: www.lucyhumphriesphotography.com.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucyhumphriesphotography/

Meet Matt Coen

Matt Coen, a passionate photographer in the Camden Haven area, began his journey with a simple Kodak disposable camera at the age of 10, capturing the essence of the beach as only a kid does.

Matt shares, “I love the ability to capture moments in time, cherishing the natural light of a morning sunrise or that afternoon glow”

His love for photography extends to embracing the natural beauty of Camden Haven, highlighting its diverse water landscapes, from serene beaches to secluded lake jetties.

“I think a favourite underrated spot is the rainforest loop track at the top of North Brother mountain. It is only about 500m, yet dives into the most magical rainforest and ancient trees, like a scene from Fern Gully.”

For budding photographers, his advice is to start experimenting with natural lighting and understanding the nuances of different times of the day and shadows.

Matt’s preferred spot for coffee and relaxation is Grounded Espresso, you will often find Matt outside under the summer umbrellas.

For more captivating glimpses into nature and family life, follow Matt on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mjcoen_captures.

Meet David Colmer

After the birth of his children, David Colmer embarked on a photographic journey, aiming to capture the natural, candid moments of his family’s lives.

Armed with a half-decent DSLR, he delved into landscape and various photography styles, self-teaching through reading, YouTube, and connecting with fellow photographers—a hobby that grew along with his gear collection.

David shares ‘The colours, the landscapes, the flora and fauna, the activities, the people all make Camden Haven a truly special place to photograph.’

David once drove from the very start of the Camden Haven River and photographed it as it made its way down to the sea. And in that journey he passed through mountains, rolling hills, dense forest, open scrub, mangroves, farmland, many towns. The stream turned to a creek then to a winding broad river before reaching the sea.

In his words “If you can’t find something to photograph in the Camden Haven then you’re not looking”.

David’s favourite spot for aspiring photographers is the rock pools on Washhouse Beach, offering captivating opportunities during the Golden Hour, the hour before sunset and after sunrise for the most enchanting light.

In the morning, you will find David at either Grounded Espresso or Beach Break Cafe North Haven, where great coffee meets scenic views.

Reach out if you have a special photographic request; he’d love to hear from you.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/altamiraproductionsaustralia/
Website: www.altamirasound.net

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