Explore Our Region By Car

On the Trail

Begin your day in Port Macquarie and head south along Ocean Drive, the coast on the left, bush on the right in between Lake Cathie, Bonny Hills, and North Haven.  

Take a dip at North Haven Beach and explore the local cafes, restaurants, and gift shops in North Haven. Sitting with your favourite beverage at Beach Break Café, looking over the sand and surf with a backdrop of the ocean…bliss. 

Continue along Ocean Drive, tracking along the Camden Haven River toward Laurieton. A turn toward Kew and Kendall leads to Captain Cook Bicentennial Drive, guiding you to the breathtaking Dooragan Mountain lookout, also known as North Brother.  

Enjoy a picnic or treat yourself to a wine and cheese platter from Laurieton’s deli, and take it up to the lookout, with the view out to the ocean, surrounded by gum trees and the bush. 

Descend the mountain and resume your journey along Ocean Drive, follow Lorne Road through Kendall’s historic township, winding through green hills to Comboyne. 

Discover Comboyne’s charm with its quirky shops and cafes. Backtrack a bit on Lorne Road, turning onto Jerusalem Road for a loop around Middle Brother Mountain, surrounded by tall timber country. Admire the beauty of National Parks, where logging has ceased. 

Complete the loop, follow signs to the freeway, heading north back up to the Oxley Highway intersection to take you back to Port Macquarie. This intersection is known as the donut to the locals….why you may ask? It is round like a donut. 😀 

We hope you enjoyed every moment of this coastal-to-mountain odyssey. Safe travels for the remainder of your journey!