Did Someone Say Road Trip?

Comboyne Plateau is a mountain of lush green hills between 600 and 700 metres above sea level located an easy one-hour drive southwest of Port Macquarie. Originally settled by our First Nations peoples and home to generous rainforests the area is now home to farms of avocados, dairy cows, cattle and forests. 

It’s a great place… to visit for a day, a weekend or a week and to live. There are twelve accommodation providers ranging from five star to rustic, from large guest houses, family cottages, single rooms through to romantic cottages.  

Comboyne is located about 40 minutes drive south west of Wauchope. Along the country drive, you will come across the idyllic Byabarra Café & Bar. Now this really is one of the regions hidden gems.  

Bybarra Cafe & Bar 

You can settle in for an afternoon of indulgence with views of the valley from their gorgeous deck. Good coffee (and I mean good!), yummy treats for the kiddies and an afternoon where time literally will slow down as you embrace and enjoy the present moment and beauty 

The Comboyne Plateau 

The Plateau is a tranquil place of rolling green pastures, forests, streams and waterfalls, here you’ll find the 400 hectare Boorganna Nature Reserve and within it the Rawson Falls. Boorganna Nature Reserve is the second oldest nature reserve in NSW and was declared in 1904 just after Comboyne was proclaimed as a village in 1902.   

Continuing on for another 15 minutes from Byabarra will take you to the rural village of Comboyne at the top of plateau. Traditionally inhabited by the Aboriginal people of the Birpai Nation, the Comboyne Plateau was used mainly for hunting, food and medicinal plant gathering. Comboyne is the Birpai word meaning “female kangaroo”.  

Comboyne was settled in the early 1900’s, originally for timber and once the land was cleared, dairy farming. In fact, all the families who settled in Comboyne are still there today. 

The Comboyne village offers a friendly atmosphere and a special range of products for shopping through its gift shops – Riverstone Treasures, Larrikins Lock-up, Gnostic Living, Emadora Fashion, HOOT Emporium, Eclectic, and the Community Centre and Retail Shop.  

Larrikins Lock-up 

Larrikins Lock-up is situated on the one-acre site of Comboyne’s first Police Station and Lock-up. The faithful restoration of the historical buildings includes a retail garden centre, a shop selling beautiful woodwork, pottery and giftware, beautiful gardens as well as picnic areas alongside the Thone River.  

Scattered amongst the gardens are tables and chairs and a fire pit, the perfect place for a picnic. Larrikins Lock-up is a must-visit destination during a visit to Comboyne.  

Anne-Marie and Peter Newman are the enthusiastic owners and operators of Larrikins Lock-up and have lived in the Port Macquarie-Hastings since 1997.  

Since owning the property in Comboyne they have restored the buildings and gardens and actively participate in the small Comboyne Business Group to support Comboyne as a thriving business community.  

The Udder Cow Cafe 

The well-known Udder Cow Café is based in the centre of the village. This little cafe is a quirky gem that promises a farm to plate experience like no other. Long with the café, there are other local amenities including a supermarket with a great takeaway shop, petrol station, bottle shop, newsagency and post office.  

There is a bowling club, tyre and auto repair business, garden centre and wood gallery, hairdresser, a rural cooperative and hardware business.  

The village also has a general practitioner, physiotherapists, a naturopath and massage therapists also providing services in the village. A local veterinarian also provides services on a scheduled basis at the Showground.  

Pioneer Park 

Last but not least, right in the heart of Comboyne, head to Pioneer Park.  

Situated in the middle of the Comboyne township, Pioneer Park is a great spot to stop for a visit, it offers beautiful views over the Comboyne valley and there are 3 picnic tables, park bench seats, BBQ facilities, a kids playground and toilet amenities located within the park. 

Ellenborough Falls 

At 200 metres, Ellenborough Falls is the tallest single drop waterfall in New South Wales and amongst the tallest in the southern hemisphere. It’s well worth the visit. With multiple ways to get there when walking the trails, make sure to bring your binoculars as there is plenty of bird watching to go around.  

On the slower walk back up the steps, notice the changing plants and foliage, keeping an eye out for animals that make this special place their home. The falls have easier options such as viewing platforms that can be accessible by car, or the full experience with two more challenging tracks.  

Take your pick, but make sure to not hesitate to cross this one off your list. Take your phone out and snap a pic because this one is bound to make the Instagram. 

How To Get There 

From the M1, take the Oxely Highwway to Wauchope. Follow Oxley Highway/B56 until you reach Comboyne Road, turn left and follow Comboyne Road until you reach the plateau and reach Main Street, Comboyne. 

You can also reach Comboyne from Kendall by taking the Lorne Road, please note this is an unsealed road. Check the road and weather conditions before your departure.