Where the mountain meets the sea.

This hidden gem is the heart of Camden Haven and we know why, because Laurieton is full of natural beauty and community spirit. 

Laurieton is a 30-minute drive from Port Macquarie and lies at the foot of Dooragan (North Brother) Mountain in Dooragan National Park.  

Dooragan (North Brother) 

Rich with Indigenous history and storytelling, North Brother Mountain is one of 3 mountains in the Camden Haven Region. The mountain features a walking track (where you are not going to want to forget a water bottle) that takes you directly up to the summit.  

There is also a road to drive up for those seeking a calmer (and less sweaty) experience. At the summit on a sunny day, you will have panoramic views of the stunning Camden Haven region beyond Port Macquarie to the North even with the ability to see both Middle Brother and South Brother Mountain.  

The view never grows tired as families sit at the top pointing out all the features of Laurieton that they know and love. If adventure is your thing you are also able to paraglide from this mountain at the summit and breeze out over the sea.  

At the summit, you will find a level walking track, amenities and picnic area. 

Slice of Haven 

A real feature of Laurieton would have to be the festival ‘Slice of Haven’ where well over 10,000 people gather from all over to celebrate the region’s best food, wine and beer. It’s quite an experience and has the entire region buzzing. Held September, it’s bound to have everyone asking ‘When are we going back?’.

Laurieton Riverside Seafoods  

Fresh is best and it goes without saying that the seafood in Laurieton is fresh and delicious. Try Laurieton Riverside Seafoods.  for fresh fish, crabs and prawns or purchase freshly shucked oysters straight from the grower at Rockin’ Oysters (June and November).  

The marina is the perfect location for your next family lunch with a gorgeous deck overlooking the river and large sailing boats and fish for the kiddies to spot and gaze upon. From here is a fantastic bike path that takes you straight back into North Haven as you ride along a path that hugs the sparkling waterways of the Camden Haven River   

Laurieton United Services Club 

Let’s talk about the Laurieton United Services Club. This place isn’t just a club but rather a hub of entertainment, laughter and good times. With live music and popular bands regularly playing, this club is a local hangout for those seeking a good dance and fun.  

The Laurieton United Services Club was originally built in 1953 and licensed in 1955. The idea to form the club was borne from the spirit and comradeship that was evident in our servicemen and women during the Second World War. 

The founding members’ initial efforts to secure premises in 1953 were realised when a working bee travelled to Rolland Plains and demolished an old Union Church given to them by the then Hastings Council. This was the first timber used in the building of the club. 

The club’s reason for existence has not changed since the first day of operation in 1953. The club exists to provide a relaxing and congenial venue for the benefit of members and their guests.  

The club’s board, management and staff take pride on the level of service they provide and strive to be the number one venue for hospitality in this area. The club’s governing body is a board of seven directors and there is a staff of 72 for both clubs.  

Laurieton United Services Club is home to yearly annual events including NYE and Anzac Day as well as Live Entertainment including The Angels, Screaming Jets, Phil Jamieson, Thirsty Merc and more! 

The Club offers excellent facilities and function rooms for all types of corporate, professional and social functions. Our functions team will collaborate with you on every detail, tailoring your event to your individual requirements. 

Places To Stay 

Accommodation options in Laurieton are plenty however if you are looking for a dreamy date night away or to immerse yourself in nature the Diamond Waters TreeHouse Retreat is bound to have your partner saying Oo La La.  

Diamond Waters Treehouse Retreat is a multiple award-winning secluded and private luxury oasis on the pristine Camden Haven River. Take the airwalk, open the front door and straight away you’ll feel the magic of living in the trees. Go to sleep and wake to the peaceful sounds of nature. 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a food lover, or a seeker of quirky experiences, Laurieton has something special in store for you.