Camden Haven Business

Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to Business Camden Haven, formerly the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Tourism. 

We are not your typical Chamber, our focus is to find untapped opportunities where you least expect it. We are forward facing, all inclusive, with a focus on the visitor economy.

What does that mean you may ask? Great question.

Every single person in our region supports and contributes to our economy, whether it be the local supermarket, the florist, the vet or surf patrol. Meaning, we are all the visitor economy, and it is great to have you here.

We are a place to foster business, community and visitor connections in the region, while putting lifestyle at the forefront of everything we do.

When people engage with us, we want them to feel connected, to feel valued and to be as proud of our local community as we are.

Business Camden Haven is unlike many other business groups, it’s not just about business to business, we have a long tradition of providing events, connection and collaboration in the region and beyond.

A great example of this is our signature Riverwalk Markets which have been running by us for over two decades, and the Slice of Haven since 2009, how good is that!

We are the curator of our distinct, unique stories and experiences that you don’t get elsewhere.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we love sharing the diversity, the fun and inspiration found in the Camden Haven.

We welcome you to our slice of paradise and can’t wait to share with you our untapped treasures.