7 Adventures in Camden Haven

Walk, cycle, drive and Enjoy

Welcome to another trail from our guide, Geoff. Geoff has selected seven hidden gems to explore.

Dooragan National Park (Big Brother Lookout) 

Begin your adventure at the Kew Information Centre on Nancy Bird Walton Drive and follow the scenic route along Ocean Drive toward Laurieton.  After 6.1 km, take the right turn to Captain Cook Drive into Dooragan National Park. A five km drive leads you up the side of the mountain to the lookout, offering breathtaking panoramic views to the south, east and north. Toilets, picnic spots with tables and seating, or bring your rug…perfect for a picnic not to mention a serene chill-out zone. 

Henry Kendall Reserve (Laurieton) 

Heading back down the mountain, turn right back onto Ocean Drive, at 7.3 km, and turn left to access the dirt road leading to Henry Kendall Reserve. If you get to the intersection of Ocean Drive and Kew Road, you have gone too far. 

Whilst this is a dirt road it is accessible for all vehicles. The Camden Haven Inlet empties into the Camden Haven River and is a cracking spot for fishing, boating, and picnicking by the waterside.  

You do need to be aware of boats that are driving past at times quite quickly.  

The Riverwalk (North Haven) 

Head back down the dirt road to Ocean Drive and turn left, turn left staying on Ocean Drive (going straight ahead will take you into Laurieton town centre), over Stingray Bridge and into North Haven.  

This little village is perfect for a refreshing swim in the tidal pool or enjoy the sandbar at low tide.  

The Riverwalk, a popular trail, hugs the Camden Haven River, providing gorgeous scenic views, coffee shops, and takeaways along the walk. It begins at Camden Haven Beach, a perfect spot for a coffee at the Beach Break Cafe. 

Laurieton Township 

Retrace your journey and head back to Laurieton, it’s approximately 8.5 kms to reach Laurieton town centre, the heart of Camden Haven’s shopping hub.  

Take a moment to explore the town, perhaps op-shop at the local Vinnies and have some lunch at the delicious food spots.  

When you are ready, keep heading in the same direction cross the Dunbogan Bridge, and turn left towards Dunbogan, delving into the oyster and fishing country. 

Marina to Dunbogan Reserve Walk

Rather than drive, why not walk or cycle? Park at the Marina to Dunbogan Reserve Walk, tracing the waterfront boulevard, something the locals love to do. This walk is absolutely stunning in the morning, and you might even catch a glimpse of dolphins.  

Follow the walk to Dunbogan Reserve. The reserve has public amenities, boat ramps, and a fantastic playground for the kiddies. 

Gogleys Lagoon 

Back into your vehicle, head onto Camden Haven Road in Dunbogan and discover Gogleys Lagoon on your left.  This shallow, naturally formed lagoon with oyster leases provides a serene backdrop to your journey, stop in and look for the stingrays, you just might be in luck.  

Katang National Park and Charles Hamey Lookout 

Keep driving along Camden Had Road, turn right turn into Charles Hamey Lookout Road, leading to Katang National Park and Charles Hamey Lookout.  

A dirt road takes you to stunning southward views, and various walks through the National Park commence at the lookout.  

Be aware that this road is often potholed so you should proceed with caution.  

Pilot Beach and Washhouse Bay 

Now if you are looking for a stunning water spot for all the family, turn right back onto Camden Head Road and follow it to the end. You’ll arrive at Pilot Beach and Washhouse Bay.  

Pilot Beach is a secluded spot, with lovely trees and is naturally protected from the ocean by the break wall.  Here you will find a playground area, showers to rinse off and excellent BBQ facilities. 

On the other side of the break wall, you will find Washhouse Bay, Wash House Beach starts on the side of the southern entrance wall, a sandy beach with intertidal rocks and reefs increasing to the south, where it finally merges with the north side of Perpendicular Point. 

Here you have the choice of two swim spots, with rock pools a break wall and crystal-clear waters await.