Poetry and Charm

If you love the sound of Kew, you are going to love the sound of Kendall.  

Kendall is a charming village just 30km from Port Macquarie and is literally only a few minutes inland from Kew. Interestingly, this town was originally called Camden Haven due to its proximity to the Camden Haven River, in 1891 the township was renamed after the Australian Poet Henry Kendall.  

Poet’s Walk 

Kew has a ‘Poet’s Walk’ in honour of its namesake, the writer and former resident Henry Kendall. This walk is a pleasant self guided Heritage Walk, winding through 16 places of interest including the statue of Henry Kendall himself!  

If you can already hear your children calling out ‘Dad I’m bored’ then why not play a game and get them to look out for quotes from Henry Kendall’s poems on power poles around the town.    

Kendall Craft Co-Operative 

If collecting home made treasures is something you love, then you will adore the Craft Co-Op. Shop memories to take home and remember your travels through the Camden Haven.  

You will find an amazing array of quality home created items, nothing is mass produced and everything is home created by the friendly local members who also staff the shop  

Miss Nellies 

Miss Nellies Café  is a modern-yet-classic haven for locals and visitors alike. 

The delightful country-style cafe celebrates the best of the Hastings local produce and offers something for everyone.  

The Largest Australian Blackbutt in Australia 

Grab out your camera’s as Kendall is home to two incredibly tall old growth trees. Bird Tree and Benaroon are two of the biggest Blackbutt trees in New South Wales and are situated in Middle Brother National Park, a short drive from Kendall. 

The local Birpai Aboriginal people tell a dreamtime story of three brothers who were killed by a witch called Widjirriejuggi and were buried where the mountains stand.  

Dooragan, Mooragan, Booragan – Three Brothers Mountains, of which they are known of to this day. 

Middle Brother – Dooragan has significant cultural importance to the local Birpai people, the traditional owners of this land.  

Credit David Colmer Photography 

Located in the Middle Brother National Park, the Benaroon Tree is rated as the largest Blackbutt tree in Australia and has a girth of 15 metres. The Benaroon tree is named after the local word for ‘blackbutt’ by the local Birpai people, 

Bird Tree, is 69 metres high, with a girth of 11 metres. Scientists estimate these trees predate the arrival of Captain Cook to Australia. The Bird Tree day-use area provides a loop walk past the two giant trees. 

Swan’s Crossing 

Are you a camping lover?  

Then we have a great spot for you. Swans Crossing in the Kerewong State Forest is a popular picnic and camping area.  

The Swan family ran a dairy and beef property on the site for many years, including clearing the forest and establishing grasses for the stock. This continued until 1964 when the area became State forest and was regenerated as native forest including hardwood plantation areas. 

Swapping out the ocean for fresh water, if you love a cool dip the nearby shallows of Upsalls Creek offer a secret quiet swimming spot, which Cascade Walking Track offers visitors an easy one-way walk along beautiful Upsalls Creek. 

If you love the bush and finding fresh water spots, this place is a MUST! It’s absolutely beautiful.  

Come and become a local, indulge yourself in a day trip to the untouched beauty of Kendall and discover life’s simple beauty whilst here.  

Come by car, bus or train. 

If you love the bush and finding fresh water spots, this place is a MUST! It’s absolutely beautiful.