Gateway to the Camden Haven

Welcome to the historic small village of Kew (Pronounced just like the letter Q). This little township is often missed as people don’t often know it’s full beauty. If you are a history fan then this place is a must-see…and it is literally moments from the M1 freeway..  

The streets are surrounded by colonial-era buildings that whisper stories of the past. As you explore the meticulously preserved buildings and artefacts, you’ll begin to feel a profound connection to the wonder of Kew.  

Looking for somewhere to get a cold drink and have a bite? Kew has a beautifully restored heritage hotel, The Royal, with a wonderful family-friendly beer garden, restaurant and accommodation.   

Swing your way into relaxation with a hit of golf. The Kew Country Club is one of many golf courses on the Mid North Coast. 

The Camden Haven River offers tourists a different kind of thrill, one that’s rooted in the serenity of nature. It’s a tranquil waterway offering opportunities for fishing trips and picturesque picnics by the water’s edge. A chance to reconnect with Mother Nature in a way only Kew provides.  

Kew is a place where culture, history and nature combine to create an experience that feeds the soul. Trade the fast-paced world for exploration and discovery as you slowly unwind and begin to create meaningful experiences with those you love. 

iKew Visitor Information Centre 

Located just off the Pacific Highway, iKew Visitor Information Centre is the southern gateway to the Camden Haven and the Greater Port Macquarie region.  

iKew is a central hub showcasing local businesses, attractions, produce, art and crafts to locals, visitors and those in transit, not to mention home to the ‘Big Axe’ one of the ‘Big Things’. 

iKew is staffed seven days a week 9:30am-3:30pm by local volunteers who are passionate about sharing the insights of our beautiful region with you! 

The Kew Driver Reviver Rest Stop 

The iKew Visitor Information Centre operates the Driver Reviver service each school holidays and you can simply drop into the iKew during open hours (9:30am-3:30 pm, 7 days) for the same service! 

Driver Reviver is a community program operated by volunteers from a wide range of service organisations and community groups, whose members give up their own time to help reduce the road toll. 

Driver Reviver sites are an ideal place to take a break on a long journey.  They offer a free cup of Bushells tea, coffee, an Arnott’s biscuit, or simply a place to stop and chat with the friendly volunteers before continuing safely on your journey. 

Meet Local Peggy Landon Osteopath 

If you are suffering in pain, there is a local osteopath who can assist you, Peggy Landon.

With a hands-on approach to health care, she can treat more than you may think. Peggy has been operating her thriving business now for over 30 years. “I went into business to bring good health to people as there were so many people suffering from pain,” says Peggy.  

“I consider everyone important, and their concerns are important to me. In my practice, I strive to be the listening ear people need and are looking for”. What Peggy loves most about her business is the ability to change the lives of people for the better.  

New patients are always welcome. Doctors referrals are not required.  

Osteopaths are allied health professionals that offer patient-centred approaches to healthcare and functional improvement which recognise the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions.  

Find the Camden Haven Osteopathic Centre at 155 Nancy Bird Walton Drive, Kew. Next to the Kew Corner Store. To make an appointment call 6559 4026.