High Adventure

High Adventure is one of Australia’s top paragliding and paramotoring schools. Based in Laurieton, they teach adventure seekers how to paraglide and paramotor, running courses for beginners and experienced pilots all year round.

They also offer tandem paragliding flights along the beautiful mid-north coast of NSW, run paragliding tours in Bali each year, and offer a range of quality flying gear.

Check out the front page of our magazine, where you will see just that…watching the sun rise while paragliding along the coast…priceless.

High Adventure has been a successful flight school in the Port Macquarie region for over 35 years, and David Wainwright, their Chief Flight Instructor, has owned the business since 2012.

High Adventure is lucky to have a great team of people passionate about flying.

David Wainwright is a Chief Flight Instructor and world-class paramotor champion. He is recognised nationally and globally for his paragliding and paramotoring skills and expertise.

David loves sharing his passion for flying, and with 15+ years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their courses, ensuring their students receive the best possible guidance.

The team also includes Aidan Stephens, a highly skilled instructor and tandem pilot with 15+ years of experience, and Simon Houston, a skilful tandem pilot with 20+ years of experience.

David has travelled all over the world paragliding and paramotoring, representing Australia many times. One of his craziest adventures was competing for the Icarus Trophy in the USA.

This was an unsupported paramotor race from Seattle to Sacramento (1,250km) which was estimated to take 14 days, but David did it in 2.5 days, winning the competition by a long shot!

Other amazing places David has flown include Iceland (flying in front of a glacier and watching it carve), Bali (flying off a volcano 3,000m high), and the Isle of Skye in Scotland (ridge soaring across the island). And after all that, North Brother in NSW remains one of his favourite flying sites!

In Australia, completing a course accredited by SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation of Australia) is required to obtain a licence to paraglide or paramotor.

For those looking to get a feel for flying before committing to a full course, booking a tandem paragliding flight or joining a 2 Day Introductory course with High Adventure is a great way to start. Connecting with experienced pilots is another great way to learn more about the sport and gain valuable insights and advice.

For those interested in joining a full course, it’s then about choosing a certified school and instructor. At High Adventure, their flagship courses are the 9-Day Learn To Paraglide course and the 14-Day Learn To Paramotor course.

Whether you’re looking to do a course, a tandem flight or a paragliding tour, you can find all the information and booking links on their website.


Phone: 0429 844 961
Website: www.highadventure.com.au
Email: learn@highadventure.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/high.adventure.paragliding.1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/high.adventure.paragliding.1

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