Community at 3

Picture this: It’s Wednesday afternoon down by the river in Laurieton, getting close to 3pm.

There’s a buzz in the air as locals from all corners gather at the back of Laurieton United Services Club, well known as LUSC, down on the grass.

The smell of a sizzling BBQ fills the space—a signal that ‘Community at 3’ has laid out its weekly spread.

Here, it’s about more than the free meal. It’s about the laughter, the stories swapped, and the handshakes that turn into hugs.

This group, a crew of big-hearted volunteers, is on a mission to make sure no one in the Camden Haven area is without support for their basic and essential needs.

Camden Haven ‘Community at 3 Inc.’ is an independent, non-denominational Christian organisation and registered charity dedicated to ensuring that no resident faces lifes challenges alone, AND they have just celebrated their 7th Birthday.  Congratulations to all those involved.

From offering a lift to those who need it, to lending an ear or helping hand with finding employment and assisting when tragedy strikes. In fact, they have spoken with 67 people about various concerns in just the past month alone.

‘Community at 3’ is the village we all wish we had around the corner, and for our locals…they are.

They don’t care who you love, what you believe, or where you’re from. If you’re in need, they’re there.

This isn’t just charity…it’s a celebration of community spirit, every Wednesday confirms it: here, your family. And in this family, everyone has a seat at the table.

You can download their latest newsletter by heading to their website.

One of the bigger projects underway is the launch of a petition for a transitional accommodation facility for the homeless, and we need your help.

‘Community at 3’ have launched this petition to the NSW Government, asking them to assist with funds to enable the purchase of a decommissioned motel at Kew for those who find themselves suddenly homeless and need accommodation for a short period to enable them to get back on their feet.

This will be a permanent facility to deal with a massive problem of homelessness in our country.  Local State Member, Leslie Williams, who has been a great support, will present the petition in Parliament, at it’s going to take 10,000 signatures. Click here to download a petition signature form:

Locals supporting locals.

So, if you’re in Laurieton on a Wednesday at 3pm, drop by…volunteer or donate.

There’s always room for one more.


Phone: 0419 370 076

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