The Camden Haven is a birders paradise offering a diverse range of habitats from the coastal heaths to sub tropical rainforests. More than 200 species of birds have been observed

The diversity of habitat in the Camden Haven means a diversity of birds with over 200 species recorded. There are many good ‘birding’ locations including:

  • Kattang NR with pelagic birds including albatross from Perpendicular Point, heath birds and rainforest birds including the Noisy Pitta, several fruit doves and Regent Bowerbird. The vulnerable Glossy Black-Cockatoo is a daily visitor.
  • The Camden Haven River, with Gogley’s Lagoon and Queens Lake are good for water birds and migratory waders, including Black-necked Stork, Beach Stone-curlew, nesting Osprey and White-bellied Sea-Eagle as well as six tern species, oystercatchers and many others. Lake Cathie is similar habitat and if you are lucky you will find Nankeen Night-Heron.
  • Dooragan National Park is good for the wet forest species including Red-browed Treecreeper, and Wonga Pigeon, while Henry Kendall reserve overlooking Stingray Creek is good for dry woodland species.
  • The forests of Middle Brother and beyond Lorne are also excellent places to look and, Swans Crossing and environs are good for wet and rain forest species.
  • If rainforest species are you desire then you can’t go wrong at Boorganna NR, a beautiful setting with Pitta and Logrunner almost certainties and Paradise riflebird if you’re lucky.

Of course there are many other places to visit and birds to see. Further afield, just to the south are Crowdy Bay National Park, Harrington and the estuaries of the Manning. To the north, Sea Acres Nature Reserve in Port Macquarie is always good for rainforest birds, as is Pelican Island for waders. There are many other national parks both North and West, all good for birds. At Werrikimbe you will find the Rufous Scrub-bird but seeing it is another matter. The Hastings Birdwatchers have a brochure on local spots, for this and more information call Peter West on 0406 940 408.